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HTC Hero S
Category : Telecommunications 07 February 2012 Tuesday 04:28 AM

HTC Hero S is a phone that has attractive designs. It has a camera and new HTC Sense. The camera is located at the back of the device adjacent to LED flash. Another camera is located on the front of the screen. It also has an internal memory, Bluetooth connectivity, AC adapter, photo gallery and its processor is faster. The only problem with the device is that it is expensive. Its body is covered with aluminum. Its dimensions are as follows: 2.43 inches in height, 4.78 inches in length and 0.46 inches in width. The device is portable and weighs 4.59 ounces. Images and web pages can easily be viewed since the screen is bright and sharp. Reading messages is also very easy. The screen has a suitable size of 4-inch. It has wired stereo handset. Search, home and menu keys are located on the screen. The device has USB cable. Volume control button is located on the left side of the device. Micro-USB port is also located at the same position. 

Lock key and headphone jack are located on the top of the screen. Installed microSD is available.  Time, statistical records and date are displayed on the screen. Other applications available are text and messaging, e-mailing, conference calling, weather forecasting, voice dialing among others. The Google Books are also available. The applications can be opened without necessarily unlocking the phone. This is done by dragging the icon below the screen. Both Motorola Electrify and Hero S offers unlock SIM. Lots of applications have been installed in the phone for example radio, flashlight among others. The user can listen to music or watch and rent videos using the device. The videos can be edited using balance control among other editing tools. The pictures produced are sharp and of high quality. The speaker produces enough sound that is ideal for music. The phone goes for $199.9. Motorola Electrify is more advantageous than Hero S.


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