Searching Products
Just enter the product Name is the Serch Bar at the top 2828 bz page .To refine your serch,click AdvanceSerch.
Serching Product via Manufacturer Web Directory
Just enter the product Name in the serch Bar at the left of Manufacturer web directory
Serching Suppliers via company profile page or Manufacturer Web Directory
It s easy to find suppliers on
You can find suppliers from the following links
Company profile -
Manufacturer Web Directory -
Contacting Suppliers
When you find a product you are interested in,simply click on the SEND INQUIRY BASKET on the product page
or you can contact the supplier via their company profile by simply click on the SEND INQUIRES ,MSN or SKYPE
Posting Buying Leads
Buying Leads are the best way to inform the suppliers exactly what you want to buy it take only a few minutes to post a buyer leads
Your inbox will be filled with quotation from suppliers