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 Latest Software(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd posted by latestsale [ Bronze ] MSN    Skype  
Main Product Focus
Automobiles and motorcycles
Business Type
Year Established
Contact Person
Vivian Lai
Number of Employees
11 - 50 People
Website Address
Longhua Street, Bao'an District , Shenzhen City, China
Main Markets
Oceania Countries
Middle East
South America
North America
Trade Shows
- -
Online Options
MSN:Click Here To Start Conversation
Skype:My status
auto diagnostic tools, wheel balancer, wheel alignment, tire changer, key programmer
 Company Profile

Latest Software (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a global supplier of all kinds of all equipments such as wheel balancer, automobile diagnostic tools, wheel alignment, car lift ,tire changer and other equipments involved in the garage equipment industry. Our head company Latest Automotive Technology SDN. BHD was first established in we are trying our best to in the service for our clients every day.

Our company is also the exclusive agency of FASEP company from Italy wheel balancer in our company , and all the parts are imported from Italy FASEP company .So LATEST advocates "to be the best quality but not to be the maximum quantity "

Having been in automotive aftermarket for many years, we understand the importance of products quality and after sale service for our customers. Give full information regarding our range of products quality standard and their characteristic, supply perfect solutions, meeting needs of Vehicles Service and Repair Workshops' objectives of giving customers fast and accurate corrective service.

Through our effort, our partners and customers have been enjoying with our products everyday at low cost level. With our strong experienced technical support and our efficient after sales service support, together with our co-workers, LATEST will be one of the best-known players in automobile aftermarket.

 Product Catalogs
    • B230 has a space saving and tough design, with precision mechanics to balance truck wheels and passenger car wheels (B230. TC version).
      User friendly technology. Ready for the future!

      Based on an modern 16-bit microprocessor, accuracy, speed and special functions (SPLIT, ALU-SE, MARS, ..

Italy Fasep B230 Truck Wheel Balancer
    • With a space-saving and innovative design, B221 offers accuracy and functions of bigger models. Space requirements are set to a minimum but you still get all features and special programs to balance any type of wheel to perfection.
      User friendly technology. Ready for the future!Based on an mod..

Italy Fasep B221 Digital Wheel Balancer
    • User friendly technology. Ready for the future!
      Based on an modern 16-bit microprocessor, accuracy, speed and special functions (SPLIT, ALU-SE, MARS, AFC, OPT, DUAL-OP, ASF) are all available (see table for availability on selected models).
      Flash memory technology allows to upgrade software..

Italy Fasep B331 Digital Wheel Balancer
Italy Fasep V555 Video Wheel Balancer

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      Scissor Lift 3.0SL

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      Scissor Lift 3.5MS

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      Scissor Lift 3.5M418
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      Scissor Lift 3.0SS
Scissor Lift 3.5S

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      Two Post Lift LF240R

    • Tire Changer L850

    • Technical and Specification

      Technical and Specification (L80IT)

      Rim Clamping from ou..

Tire Changer L80it+PL338

    • Technical Specification

      Tire Changer L80IT

A500E Toyota Tis and Honda Him Scanner

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      PRO-9D two-post gantry hydraulic lift